Sherri Morrison, RN, BSN
Sherri Morrison, RN, BSNFounder & CEO
Sherri is the founder and CEO of Success by Design. She is a Registered Nurse, B.S.N. from Temple University in Philadelphia and brings over years of nursing, nutrition, and administrative experience.

Sherri had constant frustrations with fad diets. Not only do they seldom work, they can also be dangerous. And after losing her father to his fourth heart attack when he was 42, Sherri began streamlining her 31 years of medical and nutrition expertise to develop a program that eschews the catchall diets and wild promises of many popular programs.

Sherri believes that her father, and many others like him, could prevent such tragedies and illnesses by taking control of their lifestyles and eating and exercise habits. This philosophy is the foundation upon which Success by Design stands, and Sherri, Dr. Tami Horner, and the team champion it by refusing to let patients fail in their endeavor to get healthy.

Tami Horner, MD
Tami Horner, MDMedical Director
Dr. Tami Horner is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal health through nutrition, lifestyle changes, hormone balance, and other preventive measures.

Having experienced the negative effects of hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies herself, she is passionate about treating each patient as an individual and spending time educating patients about their health.
After completing her residency and a fellowship in Sports Medicine, she practiced conventional medicine for 5 years and realized that the majority of disease processes and diseases of aging had a root cause of poor diet, lack of exercise, overstress, nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalances.

However, in the conventional medicine model, it is very difficult to adequately treat these root causes when you only have 10-15 min per patient.  Therefore, Dr. Horner joined Success by Design in order to focus on educating patients about proper diet and adequate nutrition, exercise, stress management and hormone balance.  Dr. Horner is compassionate as she knows from her own experience this journey can be a struggle.

Dr. Horner received board certification in Family Medicine in 2004.  She went on to complete the requirements for fellowship training and board certification from the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine in 2013.  She also has received specialized training and certification in aesthetic treatments including Botox/Dysport and Cosmetic Fillers.

Talk to Our Amazing Team

* I’ve lost 32 lbs. In 15 weeks so far. I have 13 more to go. I love this program and the fact you eat real food not pre packaged meals is the best. You’re never hungry and you get to eat all day long. The staff are all so supportive and I would reccomended them to anyone wanting to lose weight who’s had difficulty in the past with other diets. This really works!

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Lori P.

* This program teaches you to eat healthy and the results are fast and amazing! If you are wanting to lose weight and feel great this is the place to go. The staff is fantastic and always smiling and helpful!

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Doreen R.

* Started a month and half ago and I am down 21 pounds! From a size 12 to a 6! I never dreamed I would EVER be a 6!! The whole team is caring and so uplifting. I am so so grateful! For every 10 pounds you loose you get spa bucks that you can use in their spa which is a very nice incentive as well! Success by Design is amazing!!

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Tabietha M.

* I have been a client of both the spa and the weight loss services. The staff is wonderful! Every person I have encountered at Success by Design has been kind, positive, respectful, and professional. I would recommend their services to everyone. Great experience!

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Jeanne C.

* I love this program! My sister and I have lost a combined 75 lbs in 6 months… The staff here are amazing, always positive — even when you have a bad week, they help you try to figure out why and push you to get back at it. They helped me find my hormone issue. They tell you what products work and why, but aren’t pushy about you having to buy their supplements (the supplements help tho)… It’s a great program with proven success.

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Hawaii L.