Success by Design, a unique weight loss program that operates using cutting edge technology and techniques, recently held a Mother’s Day Makeover Contest. The contest was designed to find one winner, with a unique personal story, who desires weight loss in light of their particular story. After a number of applications and many different stories, three finalists were finally shortlisted. Out of those three, the public happened to choose Jennifer Steele as their winner. 8ennifer will now undertake Success by Design’s weight loss program and undergo a full body makeover.

What is Success By Design

Success by Design is a unique weight loss program operating in Tampa. Providing weight loss services in mainly the Pinellas Park and St. Petersburg areas, it’s a weight loss clinic the likes of which the city has never seen before. Success by Design isn’t just another starvation or fad diet. Instead, it’s a regimen that focuses on having people eating the grocery items that they need to eat, the food items that they require. It’s a diet that has you focus on the items that you require and ignore the ones that are unnecessary for you.

The regimen is not just restricted to a certain diet however. Instead it’s one that includes a number of medicines that may or may not be prescribed depending on the situation. Each week, a nurse or a physician from the weight loss clinic will visit the person undergoing the program to check progress and monitor the effect of any medicines being used. Or judge if they are required. Every person performing such a task will be a professional trained in dietary and barbate medicine. Some of the medicines prescribe could include certain amino acids or fat burning injects, depending on the situation.

As the program is named, it is guaranteed to be a success by its design. With a focus on traditional diet therapy and the use of medicine, it ensures that anyone who goes through this program loses weight and gets the makeover they desire.

The Contest

Success by Design launched a makeover contest for Mother’s Day with an aim to select one lucky person to be a part of their program and get a total body makeover. The stipulations for the program included multiple aspects of the program that the applicants needed to be fine with. Moreover, it also included questions related to their personal views on their physical conditions and the how they feel it can be changed. Other questions included whether the people were fine with getting their blood drawn and if they were fine with hormones inside their body being manipulated or changed.

The main part of the contest included the contestants’ personal story and how it ties into their desire for a body makeover. Obviously, every single contestant desired to take part in the weight loss program provided by Success by Design. However, the crux of the contest was having a story that ties in with that desire and makes the contestant feel liable for a weight loss body makeover. The voting for the contest was done by the public and had no input from the professionals at the clinic. Out of the final three participants, it was Jennifer Steele’s story that caught the heart of the voters and she ended up winning.

Who is Jennifer Steele

Jennifer is 43 year old mother of one who has been engaged for the past four years. She says that her life changed forever when she was diagnosed with cancer. Being a very proud cancer survivor, she admits to losing a lot of weight while she was fighting it. However, after her recovery, she has piled on weight and claims to be in the worst shape of her life. Jennifer claims that the reason she has not married her fiancé is due to the fact that she does not want to marry while she is overweight. The idea of marrying while looking like she does right now is disagreeable to her and she utterly dismisses it.

Jennifer’s desire and motivation to go through the Success by Design program stems from the fact that her 5 year old daughter repeatedly questions why Jennifer isn’t marrying her father. The shame of being questioned by her daughter has made Jennifer want to go through the weight loss program and come out looking fantastic. Her looks have changed in her forties and she desires a full body makeover to get into the shape she seeks. Jennifer wants nothing less than to look the very best she can for her marriage. She is adamant and now that she has won the contest, she will get just what she desires.

The Weight Loss Program

In the next 8-12 weeks, Jennifer will be following the Success by Design weight loss program as a part of her body makeover. She has agreed to be filmed and documented throughout the program and the details of her progress will be posted online in both text and video form. Jennifer’s progress with the program will show just how following Success by Design’s unique and thorough diet regimen can give your body just what it needs. The start of her journey has already been documented in a video. In it, Jennifer seems excited and overwhelmed at the prospect that awaits her. Losing 10 pounds without going through bouts of starvation or extreme exercise sounds hard, and that’s just what Jennifer will do. And as she says excitedly, “Anyone can do it.”

Jennifer’s progress in her quest for complete makeover is a working demonstration that you can change your lifestyle with just a little extra care. The results in her journey will showcase the power of changing your life for the better and getting the makeover you deserve, with some planning and extra medicinal help. It’s success in changing your life by a design.

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