Medical Weight Loss FAQs

How much weight can I expect to lose?
Most patients can expect to lose a reasonable amount of weight.

Weekly weight loss varies with each individual and depends on how closely you follow your eating plan, exercise efforts and what you weigh.

What is my Personal Eating Plan?
Your Personal Eating Plan will allow you to eat real food from the grocery store and restaurants – lots of the foods you love.

You will eat many lean proteins (fish, poultry, other lean meats, eggs, low fat cheese, nuts) as well as vegetables from the first day. Your plan will have lots of protein so that you are never hungry.

Your individualized eating program is based on the foods that you like and your schedule. Your diet is balanced with plenty of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins from grocery stores and the restaurants you love! Mmm. Delicious.

What is a medically supervised weight loss program?
Your Success by Design Medical Weight Loss Program was created just for you to ensure that you lose your weight in a safe, effective and healthy manner.

Your individual weight loss protocol will be monitored by a Board Certified physician and Licensed nurse to ensure you eat the right amount of vitamins and minerals and that your weight loss is on target with your individual plan.

Before we recommend your personal plan, your physician makes sure there is no conflict with the medications you take now and the medications you may take with your personal program.

Will I be hungry during my program?
Your plan is not a starvation diet. The natural/herbal and FDA-approved appetite suppressants usually assist you to reduce cravings.

Am I the ideal client?
If you are fed up with losing the weight loss battle… You are our ideal client.
If you hate the way you look and feel… You are our ideal client.
If you are ready to take charge of looking good again… You are our ideal client.

There is no magic bullet to losing weight. But with the combination of your deep desire to look and feel great again and our well trained staff and our commitment to your weight loss success, you can make this happen.

Do you have a program for children?
Yes. We have worked with children as young as 13.

What is the initial cost of the program?
Your first visit includes

  • EKG to check your heart
  • A physical examination with a medical Doctor
  • Individualized nutritional counseling and diet/exercise manual
  • Amino acid/B-12 injection to boost your metabolism and energy
  • 1 week supply of appetite suppressant (natural or FDA approved)

The total cost for all of these services including your first visit for a thorough medical exam with your SBD doctor is only $200.00, complete.

What is the cost of the follow up appointments?
We have three levels of Membership Programs. See below for pricing and membership details.

How long are the follow up appointments?
One of the most powerful aspects of our program is that you receive one-on-one nutritional counseling by a professional nurse/nutritionist and or MD each visit. This part of program is vital to your long-term success in not only losing weight but keeping it off, too.

Each visit may average 10 minutes. If you require more time or less time the nurse or doctor will accommodate your needs.

Weekly visits are critical to your success This keeps you motivated to achieve your success goals while ensures accountability to your weight loss goals and the ability for allowing your SBD physician to monitor your progress and health.

Do you use appetite suppressants?
Appetite suppressants are not necessary to be successful with your program.

Your personal program for success is not a starvation diet. However, you and your SBD doctor may decide that an appetite suppressant could help your weight loss success.

We offer natural appetite suppressants which are amphetamine free and also FDA approved appetite suppressants.

At your initial visit, you will discuss with your SBD physician if appetite suppression is right for you and which medication will be best for you. There are many patients that opt to not take the appetite suppressants

What other supplements do you offer?

  • Vitamin B-12 & Amino Acid Injections (administered weekly)
  • Super Lipo/Amino Acid Injections (administered weekly)
  • Calcium Pyruvate (fat burner)
  • Cell Press Plus (natural fat burner/fiber/appetite suppressant)
  • Endo-Trim (natural fat burner/appetite suppressant)
  • Adrenal Support
  • We also offer many other supplements that can support your overall health and wellness. These supplements will be reviewed with you after you meet the physician.

Are weight loss suppressants safe?
Unlike some weight loss centers that hand you a shake and say ‘good luck,’ we offer you a total program plan that may include an herbal or FDA-approved appetite suppressant that has been used successfully for 50 years.

Can I lose weight on my own?
Absolutely! Many people lose weight on their own. It takes work and effort. For the rest of us, a willing partner to offer sound nutritional advice and encouragement, for safe effective, long term weight loss is the way to go.

We believe that our Success by Design Weight Loss Program is one of the best programs available. Your deep desire to lose weight working with our well trained, committed staff is the perfect combination to achieve you success.